Agadeta Art

Decorate your home. Check having a few luxurious prints to decorate your walls. Canvas art prints are great for completing any office or home settings and are the best gift options for someone celebrating birthday, wedding day, or anniversary.

Hanging canvas Since the placement and positioning of your prints is an important decorating detail, hanging them properly can make a big difference in the appearance of your room or office. Besides, you want to make sure those terrific pictures don’t fall off the wall!

To hang large prints, position them in the center of your main wall, since this is the room’s focal point. For the best visibility, mount pictures at eye level, measuring 1.5 meters from the floor.

Fun way Depending on the subject of the pictures you choose, hanging slightly different images related to the same theme on one wall can create a powerful impact, especially when trying various presentation styles.

Photo splits and clusters, such as multiple pictures aligned is another imaginative way to display pictures. Try hanging several different nature scenes of similar sizes in a clustered arrangement, or mount four same-sized prints of a split photo

With odd numbers of prints, the central image can be larger, like a centerpiece, surrounded by smaller pictures.